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Ive been on 3 rounds of Sutent and anxious to see if it's helped with tumors in lungs. I have CT scan Friday.  This is my first experience with this. I'm not doing so well... Thoughts of gloom and doom have crept in. I'm lucky to have appt Monday to get results so won't have to wait long. Trying to put on that positive face for family and friends but not really feeling it. Will keep you updated!


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    Best wishes Airie

    I'll be praying for you too.  Not unusual for those dreaded feelings to creep in, so you're not alone.  Sometimes those feelings do more than just creep in, they jump up in your face.  The whole experience is quite unnerving. 

    Keep us posted and hopefully you'll have great news to share.



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    Hoping for the very best for

    Hoping for the very best for you and wishing for good news on Monday!

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    We're all nervous when it comes to getting the results of scans. I try (not always successfully) to give no weight to the result, if its good, its  good, If its bad, its bad. Whatever, its just another footstep to tomorrow, whatevevr that might bring

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    You're in my thoughts and

    You're in my thoughts and prayers, wishing you best result. waiting to receive your good news


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    as foots says...whatever.

    if you read my recent scan results, you would wonder how I could possibly be alive. Yet I walked 18 holes of golf tuesday. Came home and worked on my bicycle and motorcycle. The worrying is non recoverable time lost. Try not to go there.

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    UGH! The waiting is sooo hard

    UGH! The waiting is sooo hard.  Good Luck.  We are hopeful and look forward to your great results post on MOnday! :)

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    Good luck!

    Send good karma your way. 


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    Talk about golf, Fox

    Did you see what University of Oregon did in the past 3 days?  Individual men's champ and won the men's team title for NCAA Div. 1.  I went to OSU, but if it's just the Ducks, I root for them.

    Glad you are able to golf.  And I'm beginning to see lot's more Harleys traveling Hwy 101, in packs.


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    I did see

    Oregons run in the ncaa's Pretty cool. And yep, the big bikes are out in force. Another great year for all.

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    Wishing and Cheering

     for good results on Monday Airie!

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    Hope all goes well

    I hope all went well with the scans stay positive.