The waiting game stinks:/

Linda_16 Member Posts: 1

Hi, so I'm playing the waiting game again. This time to find out is it Cancer of the lung or Lymphoma? I had a follow-up CT Scan (after a 5mo waiting for that) for 5mm non classified Single lung nodule in my left lower lobe with many enlarged lymph nodes in chest and neck... New scan shows no changes to size of lymph nodes nor my single lung nodule but now it's being classified as a ground glass opacity!?! 

I'm freaking out to say the least... I'm a 33 year old never smoked mom of two beautiful girls 6 & 8 and wife to a loving husband.

I'm terrified because I've been in pain for years and in fear of Cancer... cancer running a muck in my body. I was diagnosed nearly four years ago with Fibromyalgia and not knowing much about it, grateful it wasn't cancer. But when the pain changed and I would feel short of breath no one (Drs) would listen because it was fibromyalgia... I knew my body was going through something but my labs were good, I was overweight but soon began to swell up and even gain more weight. However, prior to my scan I noticed I was getting headaches frequently, I could not finish a meal, I would feel as though I over ate and feel nauseous or at times like my food was stuck in my chest...after my scan, raging headaches, very poor appetite I lost 9lbs in about 17 days (I needed to lose weight but I'm hoping that I will soon come to stand still) and the back pain continues resting or not shortness of breath, increased amount of sputum some with blood.

Will I be able to have a biopsy or any surgery? 

I have to wait to review my scan with my PCP Saturday 6/4 in the mean time I'm trying to manage my pain so that I can function and tame my thoughts. Any feedback would be appreciated.