Stem Cell Transpant Here I Come


Stem Cell Transplant here I come…all recent tests were great - no signs of cancer… that means we move forward with the autologous SCT.   



It all starts next week with +/- 18 days of our living at a hotel near City of Hope for the everyday pre-sct outpatient adventures.  We’re very grateful to the American Cancer Society for subsidizing a big part of our hotel bill, therefore allowing us to avoid a 4-hour round trip daily. 



The only part of this next episode that I’m leery of is the possibly-as-many-as 10 shots of Neupogen.  I had 5 shots over 5 months last go-round and considered the long-lasting aftermath to be discomfort of biblical proportions.  Will try the Claritin route this time and am optimistic that that will help.  



Of course, I’m also hopeful that these first 18 days will actually result in a transplant.  Lots can crop up to keep me out of the running - but my hat is fully in the ring right now.



Thanks to all who have helped with their knowledgeable postings, positive thoughts and good wishes.  I’ll stay in touch.



Bring it on!




Best – Paella





  • lindary
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    neupogen & claritin

    I learned about the Claritin when I had to do 3 days of Neulasta. So when I had to take the Nuepogen I started taking Claritin each morning. To me the hardest part of the stem cell collection was having to sit for hours, no bathroom trips.  Good luck!

  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    Do it !


    I have no SCT experience, but am delighted that all lights are green for you, and pray that all goes well.


  • hopeful lady
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    Prayers for you!

    So glad you are moving forward!  Will be thinking of you this coming week.