Possible Perimenapausal Uterine Cancer


I was just wondering if anyone had any insight for me.  I am 42 years old.  Had annual exam and came back abnormal with HPV.  Had biopsy done of cervix and endometrium and came back normal.  Just had an ultrasound done because my periods have been very heavy, large blood clots and last 7-10 days for about a year.  Results just came back with endometrial fluid, polyp and 5.9 mm thickness.  I have also had a precancerous polyp removed from my colon last year.  I opted for a hysterectomy since I am done having kids but they can't get me in until July 29.  Do you think this is too long to wait?  Thank you


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    Did you have D&C

    Did you have a D&C or just endometrial biopsy?  My opinion is July is a long time and surgery is the definitive way to find out for sure what's there. 

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    I'm not the best

    to counsel patience in regard to issues of this. 2nd opinion called for. Good luck. 

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    2nd Opinion from Gyn-Onc

    I would highly recommend getting a second opinion from a gynecological-oncologist. If it ends up being cancer, you'll want a gyn-onc to do the hysterectomy. They are the specialists and will be more likely to take out everything during that one surgery.

    Wishing you strength and peace, Kim


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    The waits can be very long

    The waits can be very long here in Canada. From symptoms of extremely heavy bleeding & the passing of large clots, which I brough to my doctor's attention, until I had the actual surgery was 9 months for me. I was 44 and it turned out to be grade 1, stage 1A. It is mostly a slower growing cancer.  It might be prudent to see a gynecological oncologist though, as several people have already mentioned.