Need your help everyone, please share logistics and sites if you are aware of any…

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 Dear Everone, 

Just like many of you, cancer has touched my family in the past by taking my uncle and now it wants to steal my angelic mother from me. I am here to ask you to please help me to find the necessary logestics such as loding and funds to transfer my very kind and full-of-life mother, who everyone loves and who has done right by everyone in her life, so she continues to live among us and touch our hearts. She has no one to care for except me, and I have no one except her, in my life. 

I have set up a page for her but many don't even share it, I gather people assume everyone is trying to rip them off!

I have always helped others in need and never asked for anything personal in my life but now that I am in server need it I feel completely alone and left alone to care for an incredibly sick mum.  

If you know how to use social media and bring it to the attention of those who are willing to help a cancer stricken family, I would be truly delighted to hear from you. I am at the end of my rope with financial difficulties and while there are no shortage of people in this world who donate for good causes, no one seem to paying attention to mine, so I am more than anything asking for people who are willing to circulate her page and making sure she gets the attention. 

I am in UAE right now but haven’t seen anything of this country except the road from my lodging to the hospital.

The hotel people have been kind and even though it is about 100 dollars, they have held up on throwing my out of their hotel.

Any help that I can get myself and my mother out of here will be greatly appreciated. 

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Thank you very kindly,