Secondhand Chemo Poisoning

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I have a 9mth old baby girl. Her Grandma is a SEVERELY STUBBORN individual and currently been undergoing Chemo for her cancerous tumors-one in each lung.  At the being she was told by her Dr to NOT VISIT with anyone or go out for 5 days while she excretes the chemo drugs...She has not listened one bit. Now her entire home has high toxic levels of the drug on everything she has touched or used...including but not limited to all handles, door knobs, jewelry, vehicles, remote controls, cellphones, furniture, lamps...fridge, food containers...just to name a few.  One our last visit over there my baby got severely sick with projectile vomiting, diarreah with blood in it, also a bloody nose.  I took her to the Dr...tested for viruses which came bk negative and tested her for secondhand chemo...this came back positive!  Because of my baby bleeding out of her rectum showed that it was a severe case of poisoning.  How the heck do you get thru someone so darn stubborn and will LIE time and time again about her actions and play innocent saying they didn't know when they did know NOT to do what she has been doing after chemo treatment?  She will even cry the blues and say she is a victim for no reason to be treated that way everytime a serious subject comes up?  Now my daughter has the chance of getting cancer or other abnormalities just because of her IGNORANCE! What do I do? I am at my wits end!


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    What were you doing

    taking a child into that environment?   The chemo and radiation can be very exhausting.  Most of the timle we don't have energy for a shower let alone clean house and mop floors. When I was finally strong enough to attempt to empty the dishwasher after treatment it took me an hour to empty it.  

    Nope. This one and the illness are on you.  You want to discuss EXTREMELY STUBBORN?  How about the child who is so supremely selfish and ignorant that they can't help their parent clean their home at an extremely low time in their life.