Papillary Thyroid cancer

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Have recently had Lung Biopsy of nodule and was told I have papillary thyroid cancer. However after I have had the 2 nodules on thyroid biopsied and they are benign. Really confused on what direction to go? Surgeon not sure he wants to remove a part or all of thyroid. Anyone been through this ?


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    Get a second opinion.  Go to

    Get a second opinion.  Go to a cancer hospital.  

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    Thyroid Cancer with metastasis to lungs

    I had thyroid cancer with metastasis to lymph nodes. There were nodules in my lungs, but the doctor didn't seem worried. However, now they are multiplying but are too small to biopsy. I'm worried and wonder if anyone else has gone through this? If so what are you doing/is there anything that can be done to decrease the further growth. Also, what happens from here?