My Mom is Mentally Ill and My Dad is Dying

Hello everyone. This is my first post here. My father has endured a battle with cancer and is now near the end. He is home on hospice care. 

He has been at home nearly a week and yet, up until yesterday, my mother thought he still had a chance of "improving". My mother has a long history of mental illness and, in my opinion, is overmedicated. She seems in denial about his hospice care. This woman administered a plethora of meds to him, along with taking her laundry list of meds for herself for the past year. Now, however, she seems almost disinterested in learning what meds to give him when. I know that this is a very broad question, but has anyone here had to deal with a surviving parent with mental problems? I am not necessarily looking for answers. Just hoping for some kind of support. 




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    hi honey

    hi yes i know only two well .... and i was shocked to read this . my father has a very rare tcell lymphoma of which he almost lost his life today , my mother as much as i love her is bonkers , and i guess we (my sisters) accept she has mental health issues all our living lives  , regardless of this i know she cant cope with any sort of loss and has a defence mechonism of most men lol ...would you prefer to have a private conversation about this , as its a very sensitive subject xxxx kay