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I have a case and 1/2 of Isosource 1.5 that I will ship free to anyone who can use it. I called my local ACS but they don't currently have anyone who can use it. It is all unopened and in date. Private message me and I'll happily ship it.



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    Extra cans

    Congrats on your husband getting off the tube! Like you we have leftover food, too. I've called many clinics, hospitals, etc. and they cannot accept things like that as a rule. I'm going to try the United Way next. I've got about 9 cases of Nutren and Osmolite. Can't believe we ended up with so much! Not sure how that happened. Oh well....hubby is eating again and things are starting to get to a new normal and improving all the time, so that's a really good thing! Best wishes for continued healing and good health.

    Take care!

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    When my husband passed I had 6 cases of Nutren.  I called everywhere seeing who would take them.  One excuse after another.  Finally I called a food bank and they said as long as they were still within the expiration date they would take them so I took them there.

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    extra food

    When I stopped using the PEG (and after it was removed), the company that supplied it took it back to provide for people who could not afford it.  The company had to come get the pump, and picked up the formula at the same time.

    I still had some cases that, and I called a local cancer center.  They took it all. They wouldn't take the bags though.  Veterans home will take it too.

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    Olney Foundation

    connects donors with people who need enteral feeding supplies. JUst putting the link here in case anyone has leftover supplies like we did.