Thyroid cancer

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    I had thyroid cancer with metastasis to lymph nodes. There were nodules in my lungs, but the doctor didn't seem worried. However, now they are multiplying but are too small to biopsy. I'm worried and wonder if anyone else has gone through this? If so what are you doing/is there anything that can be done to decrease the further growth. Also, what happens from here?

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    I would recommend you seek

    I would recommend you seek out a second opinion (or two) as lung mets are not something docs normally deal with in thyroid cancer. Not sure what sort of doc you are seeing (usually it's an endocrinologist - and don't get me wrong, they are critical and I have a great one who knows quite a bit about thyroid cancer) but you should seek out experts, such as medical oncologists, that specialize in thyroid cancer. Most thyroid cancer patients don't need a medical oncologist but, with mets, it's important to get them involved.

    There are a few major centers for this in the US: Johns Hopkins (Maryland), Memorial Sloan Kettering (New York City), Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota), Univ of Pennsylvania Hospital (Philadelphia). I know there are a couple more but I can't remember. I have lung mets and see a great medical oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (and I live quite far from there).  I fly there a few times and year and the docs there work with my local oncologist. 

    Best to you.