free home cleaning for my father in the Dayton area?

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My father has been fighting CML now for almost 2 years, went into remission for a few months but it is already back. He lives alone in Dayton and is 73 years ago, I live in Connecticut. Along with the CML, he's diabetic and is dyslexic and illiterate. He cognitively doesn't doesn't realize how bad his house needs to be cleaned not to mention, physically, he's always sick and can't clean that much.

He doesn't have the extra money to clean (and I don't have it to send him), is there any non-profits in the Dayton area that offer free home cleanings? I know there's the one for women but I can't find anything for a man. It's so hard being so far away from him and not being able to help him and he refuses to leave Ohio.

Thank you in advance for any help!