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Hello everyone:

I have had uterine cancer in 2010 then in 2014 I had a colonoscopy and found out I had rectal colon cancer and had my whole colon taken out in February 2015 and ended up with a ilostomy bag.  I have had another operatation because the doctors thouht I had bowel obstruction.  AT that time, I was also biopsy to find out if the cancer was from the uterin cancer or rectal colon cancer.  They says it's from the uterine cancer.

I reciently went to my gyn/oncologist to have a 6 month check up and she found 2 small tumors on my vagina and just found the tumor on my tail bone.

I would like to hear from anyone thay may have any experiences how to deal with a tumor on the tail bone,  I'm stage three for uterine and colon rectal. cancer.

My gyn/oncologist,colon surgegeon, colon oncologist all agree no more surgeries, chemo, or radiation. 

I would appreciate anybody who has had a tumor on their tail bone can give me some insight or resources /web sites to use




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    Hello Sue:

    Hello Sue:

    Just giving you a shout out.  I have not had the issues that you are talking about, but I wanted to respond to your post.   I hope you go for a second or third opinion.   


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    Hi Sue!  I don't remember

    Hi Sue!  I don't remember anybody on here having tumors on their tailbone but that's not to say there is no one.  Is your tailbone painful?  I agree with Kathy - get a second opinion.  There are so many new treatments out there where the cancer is treated like a chronic disease - not cured but controlled.  Keep us posted!



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    Love your

    signature photo of hope and inspiration. I'm guessing that is how you have managed all you have so far. I agree. Gather all your records (or have them electronically sent) and get thee to a reputable teaching hospital to see what's new and if on the horizon is more than surgery, chemo, radiatio for you. Keep that sun rising though!

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    Inspire and Second Opinion

    Hi Sue, if you're unable to find information on this site, you might want to try the Inspire or CancerConnect sites. Also, I agree with all the other posters in their recommendations to get a second (expert) opinion on possible treatments at a large cancer center. There are so many new targeted therapies and immunotherapies that are working very well against cancers that had no hope in the very recent past. Whatever you decide, please know that I am rooting for you and wishing you strength and peace. Kim