Tail bone

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Hello everyone:

I have had uterine cancer in 2010 then in 2014 I had a colonoscopy and found out I had rectal colon cancer and had my whole colon taken out in February 2015 and ended up with a ilostomy bag.  I have had another operatation because the doctors thouht I had bowel obstruction.  AT that time, I was also biopsy to find out if the cancer was from the uterin cancer or rectal colon cancer.  They says it's from the uterine cancer.

I reciently went to my gyn/oncologist to have a 6 month check up and she found 2 small tumors on my vagina and just found the tumor on my tail bone.

I would like to hear from anyone thay may have any experiences how to deal with a tumor on the tail bone,  I'm stage three for uterine and colon rectal. cancer.

My gyn/oncologist,colon surgegeon, colon oncologist all agree no more surgeries, chemo, or radiation. 

I would appreciate anybody who has had a tumor on their tail bone can me some insight or resources /web sites to use