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Someone else just posted about tongue discomfort/pain they are having post surgery.  I feel the same way but don't know what "normal" is for the situation.  My tongue is driving me absolutely nuts.  It's misshapen, irritated and sometimes there is a little "pulling" feeling when I move it a certain way.  After surgery, there was a big lump on the top of my tongue because of the way he put me back together.  That has subsided somewhat but it feels awful. 

I have a follow-up with the surgeon next month, but when does something call for a check on it earlier?  I am able to eat much better than before but gee whiz, will it ever feel "normal" again?

How would I know with nothing to compare it to?


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    Sorry Tonita

    My husband's tumor was in the nasopharyngeal area. Hopefully someone will chime in and answer...


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    Tongue discomfort

    Tongue discomfort seems to be a common complaint. I had radiation and chemo, but no surgery.  It took months for the radiation side effects to go away and 19 months later, I still get a tight, pulling feeling on one side. If there's one thing we're supposed to learn from this whole experience,  I guess it's patience. Hang in there!

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    I posted about the tongue

    I posted about the tongue pain and discomfort. I had surgery then chemo and radiation. They are telling me it's a radiation injury. I posted about it hoping to find out if anyone has any suggestions for relief. I'm currently doing hyperbaric and hoping it will help. 

    I wish I could offer you more but I'm finding that pain after all this treatment is far more common than I previously thought. If anyone can help, please chime in!