Port is gone!

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Ok, so  gall bladder out....check, chemoport out....check, PEG tube out....uh, almost.

Husband is no longer using it for the last 10 days, so basically, it can come out. He's managed to get back to his pre-diagnosis weight of 158 lbs. also. He keeps saying, he'll just take it out himself (like KDot- Karen). That would be okay by me. I just want it gone. 

On the eating front things continue to improve slowly. Tonight we added meatballs (small ones) to the pasta and sauce and it was a success. Lots of sips with swallowing, but baby steps...

Barb K


  • wmc
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    Baby steps are good

    Baby steps and celebrate every little accomplishments you have, as they may seem small but they are really big deals. You both have done so good with this and must be so proud. Let the Dr remove the PEG.


  • Kenny-
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    great news

    great news!! Coming back to this board reminds me of the struggles we've went through together. But we all emerge at the end of it, stronger in character at the end. This is really great for your husband. he must have loved that pasta!