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My husband finished his 32 rads and 6 wks of Cisplatin on april 5 for cancer to his tonsil.  Just prior to treatments he underwent 2 surgeries, one to remove tonsil mass and then partial neck disection for lymph nodes.  About 3 wks into treatment he started on Prilosec and Reglan and Marinol to control nausea (among other meds).  This combo has worked wonderfully.  Until now.  Five weeks after finishing treatments nausea is back.  It starts first thing in the morning.  He takes the above meds first thing then waits before having his meal (tube).  Before he even gets to the meal he is nauseaus.  Does anyoone have any ideas what might cause this to return.  He was just starting to feel better, even returning to work PT.  It sounds like maybe acid reflux, but wouldnt the Prilosec prevent that?  He is getting discouraged, after fighting so hard this is really hitting him hard.  Thanks for the input.


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    Called the doctor?

    Sometimes one reflux drug is not enough.  Would definitely call the doctor to get help for reflux relief.

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    My husband had nausea long after treatment

    Most of it was due to the mucositis and drainage that would occur. Does he have any of that going on? It was always worst in the morning. Sometimes he just had to be sick first before he could keep anything down. It was hard to watch him be so miserable. I hope it gets better for you soon. Zofran - an under the tongue - med seemed to help him. At one point he also had a skin patch for nausea (scopolamin) and used wrist bands with pressure points like people wear on cruises for seasickness. I guess what I'm saying is there are with your team to find some relief for you husband.

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    I had this issue just weeks

    I had this issue just weeks ago.  I would wake up every morning and throw up stomach bile/acid.  It was disheartening for sure.  I tried everything I could think of.  I started taking ant acid before bed.  When I woke up at 4 a.m. to go to the bathroom I felt okay, but buy 5 or 6 a.m. I would wake up and throw up.  So I started waking up at 4 a.m. and eating about 6-8 bites of instant oatmeal, then going back to bed.  I have only thrown up 2 xs in 2 weeks both from mucucitus being horrible.  I don't know if he has a feeding tube still, but my got better once I got the tube out.  Another contributor for me was ativan.  They gave me this horrible drug while in treatment for nausau and its an anti anxiety medication that is horribly addictive and causes horrible anxiety when you get off it.  While I am trying to get off ativan if they reduce me intake by too much this also caused anxiety and uneasy stomach which also was a contributor.  I am so pissed they put me on ativan.  I never took meds ever so I had no idea what it was. Dont take that if they suggest it.

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    I am so sorry about your

    I am so sorry about your nausea.  My nausea stopped when treatment stopped and didnt return.  Maybe another med besides Prilosec will help.  Is it related to the mucous?

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    I'm sorry he's dealing with

    I'm sorry he's dealing with nausea. It's awful, but I hope he gets some Relief soon.

    I have to say that I love reading the caring responses when someone has a problem. This is such a wonderful group of people.

    Best of luck. 

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    jz, I had exactly the same thing and it lasted for a few months.  My dr called it morning sickness! Honestly just like a pregnant lady.   It's caused by a protein/ sugar imbalance when you first wake up.   It was miserable starting off every day throwing up.   it was just a little fluid but still miserable. 


    What at really helped me was some sugar ( like fresh orange juice, a spoonful of honey or even sugar) the very first thing in the morning.  Before taking a shower, before brushing my teeth, before anything.   It really helps and don't be skimpy.  he can also try to get some protein before bed (spoon or two of peanut butter and I know its tough with the dry mouth).   Both will help.   tell your husband it will get better and eventually it will stop.   What I suggested will help as well. 


    good luck,