feeling adrift

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My wife has Stage 3/4 primary peritoneal cancer so the long term prognosis isn't great. She had her first round of chemo. From the first diagnosis through the bad days after chemo it was easy to know what to do; console, provide comfort, run errands etc. Right now she is feeling quite good, not prior to cancer good, but quite good. I find myself wondering what to do. I feel adrift after the intensity of the first month. Her next chemo is next week so I know it will be a repeat of before. But in the meantime I'm finding it hard to focus on anything. Have other caregivers run into this feeling?


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    I understand.  I wonder what to do also on the days my husband feels good.  He has had four rounds of chemo.  Two more to go and then we will see what is next.  On his good days I try to get him out of the house.  We go to movies, flea markets, visit grandkids.  Anything to make him feel normal.  It is so hard to look at him and not cry.  I do my best to keep a smile on my face.  Just try to go about your normal routine on her good days.  Hope this helps a little.  My husband had surgery in December.  He has had four rounds of chemo.  They just did a PET scan and the cancer is spreading to lymp nodes and other places so I understand your mixed emotions.  It is very hard to focus when you do not know what each day holds.  Hope you have a good day.