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Hello comrades, I am leaving home this evening as my life changing (or life taking) surgery will be tomorrow at noon.

Thanks for all the support and hugs that I have received here. I wish you all improved health,added strength and renewed courage as you all fight your individual wars. Do right by you by embracing life fully in spite of this hiccup.

Worry gets in the way of good planning, reject it ,nothing good ever comes from it.try to see the tiniest of blessings, in the fact that we were put on notice , which gives us time to plan to fix things, create things,enjoy the things that we spent our lives putting on hold,appreciate people, places and things by looking through worry free lenses.  enhance current life or clean the slate and start afresh in a happier frame of mind.So many fantastic options as to how we carry on life moving forward.

On Friday the 13th I will walk into a certain kind of newness or nothingness, I am prepared , I want and need this to be done this way,it's me wrestling control from doctors who can only see conventional treatment as the be all, end all cancer treatment. I must stay in control of my treatment plans, but that's my nature ,that's what I am comfortable with, I am not advocating for going rogue. Most of all I am not suggesting that this should be embraced by anyone, we must all find our own  comfort level in all we do.

I will let you guys know the whole details when I wake. Yes I do have back up to let you guys know the outcome should I not be able to.

My prayers,hopes and wishes stays with all of  you. My peace of mind remains intact, giving thanks for that.

Nuff Nuff NED blessings,imagine the hugs-I just sent them. Moli.




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    (((Moli)))  I'm sending you

    (((Moli)))  I'm sending you all the good vibrations and positive thoughts I can muster that this surgery be successful.  I'll be eagerly awaiting the results!



  • Editgrl
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    No need to imagine the hugs

    No need to imagine the hugs you are sending...  I can feel them as surely as if you were here.  I hope you can feel the ones I am sending back.  I have faith that you will awaken and be all the stronger in your newness.  My heart is with you.


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    Friday the 13th your lucky day

    i'm feeling positive vibes for you tomorrow and will be holding you close until we hear your voice again on the other side. Take some loose clothes to wear home. Take a soft pillow to place between you and the seat belt. Get in a bottle of Colace for the next week and a large container of Metamucil for after that. And take all our hugs and good wishes. Wink at the anesthesiologist as you go to sleep! See you soon

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    Wishing you well

    Moli, your posts have become a great inspiration to me. I want to thank you for giving me that. Come what may, I know that you will have made the best decisions for yourself.

    May your doctors sleep well tonight and be refreshed in the new day.

    Wishing you well in your journey tomorrow, Kim


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    A warm hug to you Moli-wishing for a great outcome

    Finally, your day has arrived and I am glad that you are getting this done.  We will all be waiting to hear from you afterwards.  I hope the surgery goes smoothly and that you will be pleased with the results.  Take good care of yourself, Moli, and bless you.




  • Unknown
    Wishing you the best

    You are tough, and in control.  Cancer doesn't stand a chance.  Geet some good rest tonight, and I will send thoughts, prayers and hugs your way to speed your recovery from surgery.  Hugs Nancy

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    Moli lots of hugs coming your way

    My best wishes coming your way for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  Hugs and prayers send out from me to you.  Love Jerri

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    You have a big squad of cheerleaders rooting for you and your medical team tomorrow.  No way they'd take this on if they didn't expect to get you through the surgery.  We will be waiting to hear from you and hoping for the best outcome possible.

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    All Fingers And Toes Crossed

    My wife and I are keeping you close and safe in our prayers and good vibes that are going your way.

    Safe journey and look forward to your next post.

    Red Corvette 

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    You know where I am and how to get in touch with me.  One way or the other you will KNOW, which to me is a great plus.  The number 13 has always been my lucky number, so I am loaning it to you for tomorrow!  Peace to you and comfort....may the good Lord hold you in His hands as we hold you in our hearts and minds!  Love, Debra

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    Moli, sending prayers your way and hoping you will have a speedy recovery!



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    Hugs and Prayers

    Here's to a safe and successful surgery to one of the most supportive gals on this forum. 

  • Soup52
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    Sending good vibes and

    Sending good vibes and prayers for a successful surgery! Know that we are all thinking of you and awaiting good news.

  • ConnieSW
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    i hope it all went well and we hear from her soon.

  • Kaleena
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    Prayers to you!

    Dear Moli:

    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery.  A very speedy recovery to you!   Waiting to here from you.

    Much love,


  • Unknown
    Lots of hugs & prayers

    Moli, I am mentally visualizing whatever they found is now gone, along with anything else you wished they removed.  Rest, heal, and get strong.  Hugs Nancy

  • Double Whammy
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    How'd I miss this?

    By now, your surgery is over, and I just saw this post.  Wish I could have added my well wishes, hopes and prayers for you prior to your surgery, but here they are now - wishing you an uneventful recovery!  Please check in soon. 


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    OK Moli!

    OK, time to wake up Moli!  Its been a day and a half...getting anxious!  Give us a sign, even a  single digit one!  Waiting with bated breath!!!  Love, Debra

  • Editgrl
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    Been thinking about her, too.

    Been thinking about her, too.  Keep coming to the board.  But then I think, this was major surgery, and recovery has to be her first priority.  Hope she is resting comfortably.

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    The Waiting Game

    I went in for DaVinci surgery, but when I got there, my gyn/onc had finally gotten time to check out my CT scan report from the hospital where I worked, and he told me he couldn't do it the DaVinci way. I had guessed that when I saw my own report. I'd called his office to talk to him, but had to leave a message with his office staff, which I would say he never got.  I ended up being in the hospital for 6 days.  My sister, an LPN, came with me and pushed the doctor to take my gallbladder out at the same time as my cancer surgery so I wouldn't need a 2nd surgery for the gallstones that had shown up on my CT scan.  He scrambled and got another doctor who specialized in that kind of surgery to assist him that day.  I was originally supposed to be back to work in 2 weeks.  Instead, I was in the hospital for 6 days because I didn't get a return of my bowel function for that long.  It may have had something to do with the inedible hospital food!  My boss had expected me to call from home in a day or two but I was still flat on my back in my hospital room at that point. My stepson came from a bordering state to visit me post surgery, and when he saw all the tubes in me and how bad I looked (I'd lost a lot of blood and needed two units), he decided he'd better travel back again the next day.  I got almost no sleep when I was in because of a noisy roommate who kept the TV on all night and because I'd developed a UTI that I didn't getting treated for until the day I left. 

    Let's hope Moli hasn't run into her own set of problems....