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my father in law is 64 and was diagnosed last May 2015 with stage 4 lung cancer. everything was going well up until Christmas time. he was responding to chemo but, then they found a couple of tumors in his Brain. they did immediate radiation and all looked good. fast forward to march 2016 and he had a body scan that revealed it had grown in his lung and brain. again radiation of the brain, lung and also, his pelvic ( small tumor found there). started chemo again. we got one treatment in and he was in major pain, unable to go to the bathroom on his own and sleeping all day. since then he has lost alot of weight, not much of an appetite and his biocarbonate(not sure spelling) has been low. they stopped chemo for almost 2 months. two weeks ago the dr. decided to start chemo again because, he has a two new tumors on his spine and ribs also, the brain scan showed two new ones also. but, the lung is responding to  chemo. fast forward today, he was unable to get out of bed due to pain ( they raised his meds to stronger) so, he was rushed to the hospital for a scan and possible radiation. my question is he barely eats, sleeps 80% of the day and in extreme pain. i hate seeing him like this and my husband is a wreck. is this possibly the end? i hate to think so, but he is thin, weak and constantly sleeping. thanks in advance


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    Without knowing him IRL none

    Without knowing him IRL none can answer that.  What type of lung cancer does he have?  Did they test for mutations? What was that outcome?  What chemo agents has he had?  This information can help us help you better.