Re-occurance of tongue cancer


Hi All,

This is Manoj from India, i was diagnoised with SCC in Sep'13 just before my 35th birthday on right side of the tongue - went through surgery with flap replacement. Post surgery went through 50gys of radiation. went through multiple MRI and scans over last 31 months with no major issues apart from not able to eat spicy food.

During easter vacation developed ulcer on the left side of the tongue but it was not paining, as the size did not reduce for 2 weeks went for check up and was suggested MRI. Outcome was leision and doctors performed biopsy last weekend.

Received report yesterday which suggest reoccurance on the opposite side and doctors are evaluating next course of treatment and I am thinking they may suggest similar process I went through first time. Wanted to know if any of you have gone through second surgery with flap replacement - what are the impacts on speech and swallow process.



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    I am sorry to hear this,

    I am sorry to hear this, Manoj. My husband was diagnosed with tongue cancer, SCC stage 1, on the right side of his tongue in October 2015. He went through surgery, rads, and chemo. I wish you did not have to go through this again. Please let us know what your doctors say. I am sending you good thoughts.

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    Manoj I went through

    Manoj I went through freelance reconstruction also a radical dissection of all the nodes on the left side of my neck. I am on my fifth week of rads and struggling to keep eating.  I am so sorry to read your news.


    I am living in Pune, India and only recently joined this forum. I'm hear to help if you need someone who understands some of what you are going through.  I had my surgery at Reliance in Mumbai and my radiation is happening at Ruby Hall here in Pune. 


    Are you happy with the surgeon who performed your surgery? I found mine at Reliance to be very sincere, professional, personal, and extremely helpful (so far). If you like I can refer you. I had three surgeon consults  before I finally decided.


    My thoughts are with you.