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Then I cannot do jack all.  Nice upgrade.  


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    Browser problems

    Browser problems

    Make sure your browser is set to get the newest data each time you connect or refresh the page, otherwise you can get stuck in limbo-land.

    Try hitting that "refresh button" on your browser (usually a circular arrow) and see if that brings up the newest version of the page you're on.

    The setting to do that automatically will be in the options setting of your browser's "tool box".  99% of the time, that's the problem.

    Good luck & best of health,


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    Hope John's advice works

    Miss hearing from you on here. 

    Did you get my PM reply? I got an error message when I tried to send it.


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    Please let us know what issues you encounter!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Laura, one of the moderators. While we actually did an extensive amount of user testing before the platform updated, a variety of system errors and problems have cropped up despite our best efforts. Please feel free to let us know about issues as they come up for you; your feedback helps us track how the users are being affected. We are currently working hard on finding solutions for the tech problems, and we apologize for the frustration you are all experiencing. 

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    It just happened to me, too

    But on my very first post of the day.  But this mesage  did post! I'm confused, as usual.