more update and question

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I am doing a lot better, getting strength back and becoming more active.  My neck is still numb from the dissection, scar still very visable.  Next ENT appointment on May 10.  Have been having a lot of issues with stomach which I suspect are related to the hole they carved into me for the peg tube which has been out about 3 months now.  I pretty much stay on my back or in a chair most of the day because my stomach always feels like it is cramping badly when I am oon my feet.  I always walk a bit hunched over now.  Possibly some digestive issues and issuse with poop.  Does anyone else post peg tube have related stomach problems?


Again, thank you for your support and kind words


  • Noellesmom
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    Jim had no such issues with his PEG.  Please call the doctor who did your surgery and schedule an appointment.

    This does not sound right at all to me.

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    Mokus glad you are mostly better.

    Glad you are doing somewhat better. Now the problems you are having with your stomach I would suggest you call that Dr and let him know what is going on. That sounds like something he needs to know about.

    Thanks for the update.