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Hello all,

I've been reading the board for awhile now to help me understand what I may be facing. I was diagnosed in mid December with Stage II colorectal cancer. I have already gone through 5 1/2 weeks of radiation with chemo (Xeloda). I still have some pain (quite a lot actually) due to the radiation burns, but seems that is pretty typical and it seems I've been relatively lucky in terms of other side effects. The surgeon said the treatment did what it was supposed to do and the tumor appears to have shrunk to almost nothing. He is still planning on a resection and I will have to deal with at least a temporary iliostomy. The surgeon is currently cautiously optimistic that it will be temporary, but can't know for sure until the surgery. The whole prospect is daunting and a bit scary. Surgery is scheduled for mid next week.

It has been comforting to read all of the supportive messages on this board and I wish you all the best of luck in fighting this awful disease.





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    Welcome Ellen

    All of us here hate to welcome new people to the club for the obvious reason, but for sure this is a good place to be.  Good people, good advice, good just     I was Stage IIIC last Feb (2015), surgery and 6 months of chemo.  Before surgery there was a chance of illostomy for me and the surgeon though going in, if it happened, it would be temporary in all likelihood.  

    It is a fluid, changing situation for everyone with no clear rules sometimes (in my case my chemo was after surgery and no radiation before or after, which is dependent on location.)

    Chance are there will be people chiming in shortly who may have had some treatements or situation closer than I may have had to you.

    And cancer $#&$**&$(*&/   But if there is one thing that I have found in all this, the amazing amount of human compassion and strength comes out.

    Hang in there.  Hang here.  Curse.  Laugh.  Ask questions.  And all the rest.  

    Again welcome.

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    Welcome to the board.  You will find lots of great resources and people here.

    Your story sounds similar to mine: DX in December 2012. Chemo/radiation for 5 weeks. Surgery mid April, etc.  I had an LAR and of course didn't know if I'd need an ostomy or not, especially given the location.  The chemo/rad mostly obliterated the T3 tumor.  Sounds like yours did the same?  Unfortunately, they can only tell if you will need one for sure during/after surgery.  Depends on your anatomy, location of tumor, margins, and how well the sutures hold and don't leak (they actually test them).  In the end, I didn't need one but I know some folks who did.  (Truth be told, the follow up FOLFOX chemo sometimes left me wishing I did have one, at times, it did such a number on my GI tract).  

    If you do need an ostomy - there are many on this board who can answer your questions and help you out.  You came to the right place.

    Best of luck with your surgery.  I'll be praying for you.  Be sure to keep us updated.


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    Welcome! Sorry for your

    Welcome! Sorry for your diagnosis. I was one who did get an illeostomy, mine was ahead of the surgery because he wanted to try to shrink the tumour before surgery with radiation and chemo because he was worried the tumour would completely block me off by the time he did the surgery. I still have it. I've had a port and then had it removed over a year later. Best of luck with your surgery! And everyone on here is wonderful. I was on a page on Facebook for colon cancer and when I was NED last fall one woman got mad at me for posting and being happy about it. Her husband had died and she took my post personally, I guess. You'll never find that kind of crap here. Everyone is compassionate and supportive.


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    Thanks for the support

    Thank you all for the supportive comments! It really helps to hear from those who have been through similar procedures, though I am sorry that you had to have that experience. It does help put my mind at ease about the process though.