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I tried to contact you with another site issue.  Bascially since the maintainace of last night, there looks to be many issues, formatting, etc.  The captcha is back, but I could not submit form because it went to this, sent the email as requested


We're sorry for the inconvenience! There seems to be a problem with your request.

Please contact Customer Support at ############## for assistance.

*clicking the above email link will automatically add some important details to the email for us to investigate the problem. If the link does not work, please copy and paste all of the information below into an email na.itsecurity@cancer.org

Your American Cancer Society Cancer Survivors Network Technical Support Team.

Event ID: 543934463807
Host: csn.cancer.org
Timestamp: Fri Apr 29 2016 14:17:50 GMT-0400 (EDT)


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    Thank you for bringing this

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please know that we are working to identify and fix some of the recent changes, and this is certainly something we will address! In the meantime, please direct any concerns to csnsupportteam@cancer.org if needed. 


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    CSN Support Team