Noon32316 On Port Implant

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The port implant was pretty minor for me.  In fact I was not even put totally under, just more in twilight zone.  Was even joking with surgeon and told me a couple of points to be quiet :)  I have had mine in 15 months or so and hardluy every realize it is there.  Notice it when looking in mirror and that is about it.  Takes a bit maybe to get used to it, but overall worth it for chemo and blood draw.  Get the lidcaine cream to numb it if you want.  I did not realize I was having it accessed on a visit the other week and did not have cream, was not too bad.

If you click on my name, you can see my chemo experience.  Overall I did well with it, though people vary.

There is no playbook or rules in this all.  Everyone is different. The only thing I will say is you now have seen the monster under the bed that we all feared beforehand.  Often our minds make it worse before you actually meet it.