Medical Marijuana (MMJ) for tumor shrinkage

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In reading this forum it seems that most women are using MMJ for relief of symptoms (nausea, pain, sleeplessness, etc).

Is anyone (or anyone you know) utilizing THC Suppositories with a goal of tumor shrinkage? Are you using the suppositories as the only form of treatment, or using it in conjunction with chemo or some other conventional treatment?
For those of you using the suppositories, how long have you been using that method and what kind of results are you seeing? What is the dosage? I've read that the suppositories allow a higher dosage to be used. Do you start with a low dose and then slowly increase it over time?

My good friend has had 3 failed lines of chemo and may be losing faith in the conventional treatments. She is contemplating the use of medical marijuana not just for relief of symptoms but for the actual treatment to reduce the tumors.

Thank you for taking the time to provide any insight about MMJ.


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    i have used marinol, oral mmj, to help boost appetite.  What I noticed was that it made me tired.  I am looking into mmj for when I come to the end of what western medicine can do.  Carrot (Marilyn)