I am stage 2b. The oncologist ordered 6 weeks of 24/7  5-Fu chemo (in the pack) Monday-Friday with daily radiation, followed by 4 months of once a week chemo. 

He said there could be hair thinning and some mild hair loss. I'm curious how it has affected others.  Should I expect to lose a noticeable amount of hair? 


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    A rough schedule

    I'm sorry you have to do treatment. 

    It is hard to say if you will or won't lose any hair, as the chemo effects different people in different ways.

    I woud suggest you expect hair loss, and if it doesn't happen, be very happy. 

    I did experince allot of hair loss, and ended up shaving my head. The Gollum look just didn't fly. I actually loved my shaved head, though the actual part of the hair falling out, was terribly traumatic. I remember thinking before it happend 'its only hair, it will grow back', but when it was falling out in handfuls, I was devestated. It did grow back, of course. 

    I had the 6 weeks of 5FU and Radiation. My journey was not fun, and if you want to read about it to be prepared, then I can link you. Others here breezed through their regime, and you're so young, its a good chance that you will be fine. 

    Stick with us, we'll get you though it and out the other end. One day you will look back, healthy and NED and glad that it is all over. 


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    Did 12 weeks of Folfox [with

    Did 12 weeks of Folfox [with 5-fu] had mild thinning, no bald spots.I didn't have radiation so I don't know if that compounds the effects at all............................Dave

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    I've been on chemo twice and

    I've been on chemo twice and didn't lose my hair at all either time. But two months after I got home from a four month hospital stay I lost about half of it. It disappeared from the lower half of my head and looked really weird. They said it can happen when you're there for an extended period. I got it cut short. I hadn't had short hair in about ten years or more. I hated it. But it grows really fast. It's now down to my shoulders and when I get it coloured there's about a quarter of an inch of new growth every couple of weeks.

    I hope you don't lose yours. Having it come out was really traumatic.


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    Everybody reacts differently

    Sorry you have to go through the chemo/radiation.  I had  8 rounds of FOLFOX, followed by 28 chemo/radiation treatments with a  24/5  5-FU pump.  I was prepared  to lose hair, but was pleasantly surprised when I  had only a little hair thinning but nothing really noticeable.


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    Thank you

    Thank you for your replies.  I start chemotherapy tomorrow. I'm going in expecting thinning and hair loss, if neither happens it's a reason to celebrate.  :-)  Thanks again. I appreciate it.