Surgery is tomorrow

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tomorrow is surgery day.Be so glad to have it done.Chemo will follow.


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    Dear Pat

    Praying that all goes well for you tomorrow!  Please check in with us when you feel up to it.



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    Pat-Praying that all goes well 4U on 4-21-16

    Hey Pat -

    I put my reply to your note tonight on another post of yours, so I will just put it here again.

    Since you had a hysterectomy years back, and had your ovaries removed, I’m assuming you’re planning to have some type of intraperitoneal chemo treatments since you seem to indicate that your doctor was recommending that.  Are you having other organs removed as well, as often happens with Cytoreductive Surgery?

    I’ve got a heavy schedule myself and may have missed the exact plan of treatment your doctor has outlined.  In any event, I know that all surgical procedures carry with it a lot of anxiety, even when we have prayed and asked God to give us ability to stay calm.  So I’ll be praying for you especially tomorrow, but you’ve already been in my prayers and thoughts from correspondence we’ve had in the past.  Touch base when you are up to it.  We would like to know how things went with you.  We pray treatments will be highly effective, and kill so many cancerous tumors that it will give you a long, long time before anymore treatments are prescribed, if ever.

    All the best,


    Peritoneal Carcinomatosis/Ovarian Cancer Stage IV