Stage IV lung cancer - paraneoplastic limbic enciphilitis

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My mum has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer which has spread to the brain resulting in paraneoplastic limbic enciphilitis.

According to her oncologist, chemo is not an option for her and is suggesting Tarceva even before the result of EGFR mutation and PET Scan....  

I'm waiting for full medical report to get 2/3/4 opinions.

Just me and my mum after we lost my younger brother less than 2 years ago, my father before that and my eldest brother too. its like one after another. i feel so alone, scared, loss. I'm trying so hard to stay positive




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    Lung cancer - Stage 4 to brain

    My mother has been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Is it common to have seizure?

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    Tarceva works in 10% of the

    Tarceva works in 10% of the population that does not have the EGFR mutation.  Additionally, I does cross the blood brain barrier so it can shrink the brain mets. The PET scan will not identify cancer, only places suspicious for cancer.  The PET scan cannot be done on the brain.  If brain mets are present, then , yes, seizures can occur.  Please let us know how the tests come out.