Awesome empathy cards!

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You would think after almost 9 years I would know what to say when someone has cancer, after all I've had it.  Well I don't.  I think it's because I don't know the person really well.  So I took to the internet and found this website with the best cards!  If I ever have a good friend with cancer, these are what I would send.  My favorite is, Another round of chemo down.  Let's celebrate with whatever doesn't make you sick (or something along those lines).  Anyway, check them out:  Have a good weekend, Traci


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    If they will listen, tell

    If they will listen, tell them your cancer saga, I just read it and your survival is inspiring, and that's from a guy who's been through some stuff as well, starting 3 months later. Of course it is a bit much to put all that on a casual card. If I'm told by someone that they just got diagnosed, I welcome them to the lousy,%$^#@!&* Cancer Club......................................Dave