Concerned Daughter

snewofam Member Posts: 2

Good Morning All.  Today my father is having an Ostreoscan.  I had never heard of it until today, so I was researching and found this site.  My father has survived lung cancer x2 and thyroid cancer.  Recently he was diagnosed with a pancreas lesion, several liver lesions, and a new lesion on one of his lungs. It is my understanding, the scan being done today is to help determine what/where his "primary" site.  At this point, he is being told the cancer he now has is a very slow cancer and they are planning to just "watch" it over the next few months.

My question is...does this scan also show additional cancer, such as bone mets? I know the new lesions have to be a mets, but from which previous cancer is yet to be determined. He is 75 years old and has lived a good life and is going to do whatever the oncologist suggests.  In my experience, in the medical world and his family history (sister died from pancreas CA), the pancreas lesion concerns me.  Most people with pancreatic CA don't usually live longer than 2 yrs from diagnosis??? If that is the case, wouldn't it be appropriate for the oncologist to be forthcoming with that information?  I don't want to be the one to tell him, but he as well as my step mother deserve to know the possibilities....   Does anyone have any additional thoughts??