New Side Effect today

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Ok... I don't want to gross anyone out but I'm concerned. My cancer is very, very low. I only have 9 more radiation treatments. The doctor said that I will have some "toxicity" in the whole general area.

Today I started cramping and I have a nasty yellow discharge from my vagina.

I'm 63 years old and never had any such thing. Has anyone else had this type of side effect? I plan on discussing this with my doctor tomorrow but I just wondered since I haven't seen anything like this on the forum.




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    Being a guy I wouldn't have

    Being a guy I wouldn't have had that happen, but I have had weird symptoms occur that have freaked me out. 

    For instance, after an Erbitux treatment, spots occurred around my groin and one of them started leaking fluid. Turned out the docs were not so concerned about it, but it was scary as hell.