Complimentary Integrative Medicine

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Hi everyone,

My diagnosis is ovarian carsinosarcoma 3C (very rare, fast growing, about 200 women in the U.S. get this a year).  I go for my first post chemo follow up this coming Friday!  The reason I'm writing is because I was just at a day long conference on CIM, a new term for me.  It was the first annual (I hope) and there was lots of validation by people from many different backgrounds for things like yoga, acupuncture, using supplements, balancing rest/movement and nourishment, knowing more about things like our vitamin D level and its significance for some of us with cancer, and more.

In addition to mushrooms (MyCommunity), Curcumin with Bioprine, the power of the antioxidants in green tea (and many foods) most of which I have learned more about since being diagnosed in the fall of 2015, I learned about nutrol melatonin.  The woman who talked about this was a cardiologist and now works in primary care and provides consultation related to integrative medicine and prevention.  You can go online to learn more about melatonin and, very specifically, it's use in relation to ovarian cancer. Her recommendation was to take 5mg/each night for a week, then up it by 5 mg each week until I got to 20mg, then stay there.  I'll be talking with my gyn oncologist this Friday about this, but have started it.

There is another weekend conference coming up, the 16th annual, at the end of this month.  Both of these conferences have no fee.  In the fall there is the 19th annual womens health and cancer conference.  I am amazed at all that is going on and how accessible information is, once you find an opening.  I am in Vermont and if anyone would like to know more about these next two workshops, let me know.

In the meantime, all of you are me dependable, every day resource!  Thank you.