Radiation treatments and thyroid


Ever since I finised my rad treatments back in Sept. I have had issues with my hands and feet getting very cold. It's the worst in the morning but goes on all day if I'm sitting in front of the computer. I thought at first that it was the way may arm was laying on the desk while using the mouse but I dont think that's it.I have to sit a small space heater in front of me when I'm on the computer to keep my fingers warm. I have no sex drive what so ever any longer. I'm wondering if the rad treatments damaged my thyroid? The doctor put in orders to have my thyroid checked when I do my next labs. I lost almost 30 lbs. from the rad treatments but gained back 15 of it but still would like to gain 10 more. It seems to be a real challange trying to gain weight after all this. Just takes time I guess. 



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    Could be

    My husband's oncologist had him come in for blood work today actually to check his thyroid function. She said that she likes to do that for a lot of her H&N patients who had radiation. If it is your thyroid, I think that is a fairly easy fix, so at least that is good. Good luck to you.

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    you bet


    I felt cold & tired.

    I had my thyroid checked every blood draw.

    Mine got steadily worse until 21 months post, then I went on thyroid meds.

    At 4 years post I feel much better, still a little cold and tired, but better.

    You have got to love the “New Normal”!


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    Gary I think the rads frequently zap the thyroid

    although it may hang in there for a bit. I know that all of my husband's follow ups include lab work for thyroid levels. The bright side for me is that since I was always the one who felt cold, we are now on the same page and don't bicker over the thermostat setting.


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    Yes Gary radiation can zap the Thyroid.

    Many end up with Thyroid problems after radiation. It can get damaged very easy with treatment and it seems to drop over a period of time and being slow you just don't know why you are tired or even cold, weight gain and loss, sensitive stomach where foog can really up set you system and just go through you and never stay long enough to get any value from it, also hande cas sweat if too much thyroid. The Thyroid effects so much of your bady and most never even know that. The good news is it is a small pill and is very inexpencive. Now if it is low it will take several monthe to get it dialed in so you get enought, and not to much. This is a medication that has to build up, and then it will leval off and work fine. I was born with only half a thyroid so I have been on it for 53 years.


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    My Oncologist always checks

    My Oncologist always checks my thyroid.  Funny because I already had thyroid cancer and a thyroidectomy and take meds anyway, but hypothyroidism caused by radiation is so common.  When I was very hypo I had ice cold feet (not to the touch, but they felt that way), severe depression, constipation, and fatigue.  I'd get it checked on a regular basis.  Hypothyroidism creeps up on you so slowly sometimes you dont even realize how bad you feel.  Especially if you are used to feeling bad!


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    I had a damaged thyroid after radiotherapy. My cancer was BOT AND THE RAYS WENT THROUGH MY NECK NEAR MY THYROID. I ALSO WAS ALWAYS COLD And TIRED. SOMETIMES I FELT I HADNT THE STRENGTH TO STAND. I WAS PUT ON LEVYTHOROXIDE tablets and within a month started to get my strength and mojo back. I started with a 100mg tablet then increased to 150mg.i will take them the rest of my life. I would say I'm normal now apart from minor side effects.