Happy Easter

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to all my sisters on this board.  I hope you all have a lovely day and are feeling okay.  We're having a barbecue, just a few nearest and dearest.  My mom's goddaughter is barbecuing and we're keeping it simple.  My mom, my cousin and I are not in the best of health so we are not much help.  I actually feel pretty good but my stamina is not great.  I'm grateful for the break from chemo so I'm trying to enjoy myself.



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    Indeed it is a Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to you too Karen!Smile  As a Christian, I choose to believe that the tomb is EMPTY because my Lord is risen. He is alive, and so far, so are we.  Family times are always dear no matter our state of health.  They always want us to know they love us regardless of how we may "look or feel" on any given day.  My last chemo was in September of 2015, and still my hair is only about 1 1/2 inches long.  It's white of course because I'm now 77.  Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself, "How old am I anyway?"  Although chemo drains us of our energy because it's killing good cells as well as bad ones, it's always good to be having a breather from it.  Don't worry about "not being much help."  They're all too happy to be doing something that makes you feel happy and loved.  Hope the BBQ is delicious.  Enjoy every moment of this day.


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    Happy Easter to all the

    Happy Easter to all the warriors out there.  

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    Happy Easter to all the

    Happy Easter to all the warriors out there.  

    Happy Easter

    To work around my brother's schedule, our family celebrated Easter with a lunch yesterday.  Today my hubby and I visited his elderly aunt at the assisted living facility where she has been at for the last year and a half.  By the way, she is a breast and thyroid cancer survivor and still going strong at 91 years.