Using your horn while driving

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Granted:this has nothing to do with cancerbut other threads refer to impacient horn blowers. One of my co-workers had the following 

solution to horn blowing.  If he was waiting at the head of a group of cars at a red light and was honked at when the light turned green,

 he would respond by turning off his motor, Leave the car to open the hood,wait until the light again turned red,close the hood and return to his car,restart his motor and wait for the light to turn green.  This time no one honked and he proceeded entirely satisfied!!! LOL


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    That's a lotta work to

    That's a lotta work to shut somebody done, but it's funny to think about. I don't even hear honking anymore, people in Socal do so much dumb stuff every day, all the time, that I refuse to even react, I wave them on, wave goodbye, just get passed it, or I'd be responding to stuff all the time. For me, life is definitely too short for that kind of nonsense. Oh, and I'm usually in a work truck, so if someone doesn't let me in or threatens to play bumpercars, they're gonna lose.LOL............................................Dave

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    Okay, I have to admit it, I'm

    Okay, I have to admit it, I'm a horn blower. Not at a light unless someone is really not paying attention and just sitting there and then I do a little pip to make them aware. But if someone is doing something really stupid, rude, dangerous or ignorant I'll honk. Drives my husband nuts. It's one of the few things we argue about.


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    You should see how fast the "horn blower" stops when he sees your backup lights come on!

    I always felt that the auto horn should be mounted above the driver's sun visor, since the driver is the only one that really cares about the stupid horn....

    "If they're in your way, don't honk, hit them. That's why you carry insurance".


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    My mom used to always say to

    My mom used to always say to horn blowers "what's your rush?  Got a date with death?"  I think I've used my horn exactly 3 times in my driving years.  And 2 were to avoid someone hitting my car.  I did lay my hand on the horn one day when this guy made me angry, not proud of that moment.  So much so that I actually remember it.  Yelled at him too and that didn't help anything.  Only idiots blow their horns, the rest of us have patience and no date wtih death.  lol  No rushing for me. I appreciate life to a level that I never could before and now I have even more patience to wait and just relax and take it easy. They'll move when they move, I've got nothing that important that I can't wait a minute with kindness.