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Hi Ladies,

Haven't been around for a while, I started chemo in January and have been so ill ever since. I'm having Carboplatin only but it clearly doesn't agree with me. I had my 3rd dose on 4th March and it was the wors one so far, eight days of sickness despite anti sickness medication. I still don't feel great, but am up and moving about the house. The sicky feeling still in the background.

I've been doing some research on recurrence of stage 1C mixed cell histology, and can find lots of research on recurrence rates and survival for initial diagnosis but am looking to see if anyone has had complete remission after first recurrence. They tell me because my recurrence is isolated at the original site it is still stage 1C although the FIGO scoring system has changed and under the new one I am stage 2, so there is potential for it to be curative, I'm a but sceptical so loking for some inspiring information.

I'm considering stopping chemo because of how ill I feel.

Thoughts would be great



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    I would complete the chemo if

    I would complete the chemo if you could . My mom had stage 1a grade 3 in 2009 and she just recurred wed we found out and it's not good . After 7 years we thought she was in the clear but no

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    Throw the book at it

    In your profile, you say you don't rate chemo at all, but that is your best hope.  I don't understand why your doctor did not give you taxol also.  I was diagnosed with stage 1C, grade 3, mixed cell OC in May of 2010.  I had seen 2 gynecologists who blew me off, but after 4 months, with a lump that grew from about the size of a walnut (I found it) to the size of a grapefruit, I found the specialist at NYU Cancer Center who saved my life.  I had surgery and 6 rounds of taxol & carboplatin.  When I asked about possibly doing only 3 rounds, I got a look that said - do you want to live? I was very lucky to have no serious side effects, and viewed the process as an adventure.  Six years later, I am still in remission, and hope for a real cure before a recurrence.  This is an agressive cancer that requires agressive treatment.  Yes, there may be alternative remedies "in nature" (isn't everything really in nature?), but we don't have them yet.

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    Lily Anne,

    I am sorry to hear of your struggle with treatment.  There is some wisdom in what has been said, that ovarian cancer is a difficult disease and you have to hit it with what works.  Unfortunately, however, it seems that the farther down the treatment line you go, statistically the treatments are less effective.  First line treatment is very successful.  Others, not as much.

    I would never recommend to anyone whether they should or should not continue with conventional treatment.  Only you know how you feel and what qualities of life are most important to you.  What I would tell you is that there are options available to you that can help you with dealing with the cancer and dealing with the side effects of conventional treatment.  The fact that conventional doctors don't inform their patients of this is, in my opinion, the worst aspect of the medical community.

    I could tell you about dozens of women who I have seen have good results to treatments that weren't working and who felt so much better during treatment once they incorporated integrative therapies.  In fact, I myself experienced such a change to how I reacted to my treatments once I started supporting my body under the guidance of a medical professional trained in integrative treatment.  I would recommend you find a naturopath, integrative oncologist or antrhoposophic doctor to help navigate you through this.  

    Good luck to you