Oxaliplatin Gone!!

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Finally, after 12 treatments of Folfox w/Avatin the Onc. removed the Oxaliplatin from the treatment!!  Husband's neuropathy was was awful!  I am happy it is done, but pray that this won't hurt his chances of becoming NED.  He will get his second scan sometime in April.


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    Indeed the Oxy  knocked down

    Indeed the Oxy  knocked down my cancer level in my liver by one half in 10 treatments.  Doc took  me off of it after the 11th treatment .      Less side effects but slight increase in volume of the liver cancer now.  Doc is going to keep me on the Folfox 5 regimen but add a different drug to see what it can do.  Tell him to be strong as he goes over bumps in the road from time to time.   Dave.






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    I hope he doesn't have to go

    I hope he doesn't have to go back on it! That was one of the worst parts of the whole cancer thing.


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    Hopefully everything is clear

    I'm coming up to my 7th cycle of Oxaliplatin out of 8.  Just getting a bit more tired and a bit more neuropathy in hands and especially feet each cycle.  I hope your husband is clear and won't need any further Oxaliplatin. 

    I didn't realize how bad the neuropathy in my feet had become until one night I went to take off my socks and realized I wasn't wearing any....

    Good luck.