Driving Miss Norma


I wanted to share a wonderful adventure about a 91 year old woman, who two days after the death of her husband of 67 years learns she has uterine cancer. She declines treatment and hits the road with her son and daughter in law. They've been traveling in an RV for the last six months and Norma is having the time of her life.  Her travels are being documented on facebook:  https://m.facebook.com/DrivingMissNorma/?ref=content_filter

Pretty awesome~



  • EZLiving66
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    I've been following her too.

    I've been following her too.  That is EXACTLY what I would do!  Even if I was 80 I would decline treatment and instead, have the time of my life.



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    Great story

    and good for her for following her heart and having the time of her life.  My naturopath has told me to do the things that bring me the most joy everyday and this woman is certaingly doing that!