Chemo's impact on the brain

I am 61 years old married male and a 10 year cancer survivor. They found I had testicular cancer at the age of 50. It took the doctors a while to find it but eventually they did but the cancer had grown into my kidneys and up into my chest. A plan was put together to go thru the chemo treatments to kill this bug I had. We understood some of the impact the chemo treatment would have on me (possible loss of hearing, ringing in the ear, static in the ear, loss of strength and body tone, etc...) but we never talked about the impact chemo would have on the brain. I was told by my doctor to get out of the line of work I was in and the stress I worked with each and every day. It took me a while but eventually I did this,  I struggle with memory loss, not being able to multi function, complete forgetfulness, strength, muscle tone, loss of hearing and loos of eye sight. I work part-time jobs now but get tired out very easy. This biggest impact the chemo has on me is my relationship with my wife. Over the lasy year and a half we have split up 3 times. My mind seems to turning against me at times and I can get very beligerent and not really know it. The first time my wife left I asked her to leave. I was really struggling and caused a heck of a lot of issues in our reletionship. I got very mean to her and her family and ask her to leave--she did. I did go seek some help from a counselor and from both my cancer doctor and family doctor. My mind sort of went biserk and I had no control over it.  We got back together and tried to work through this twice now. She left for teh 3rd time for various reasons and we have each filed for divorce. Could chemo cost me my marriage? That is what I am trying to get my arms around. I am a space cadet at times. I forget things very easily, when I do indure some stress my mind just goes bonkers. I am looking for help so I can rebuild my marriage and also get my mind to half-way function again. Questions I have are:

--are there any studies going on with older people who have gone through the Chemo process? Is there a group looking for volunteers to be involved in these studies? The outcome may not help me but maybe they can help someone else in my situation down the road.

Please let me know your thoughts. I do want to rebuild my marriage and turn my brain around. My wife does not need to put up with some of this activity. She has been my biggest supporter when I was going through the chemo process.  




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    Message for tommyk

    Hello Tommy

    I am 32 years old testicular cancer survivor. I am from Ontario, canada. I was diagnosed with TC in age of 27 last stage. It has been 5 years by now. I am doing well. You said you splitted  with wife 3 times I am sorry to hear that. I went through chemo and surgeries too 5 years ago but I didn't give up. 

    Oncologists use to say that I won't survive but I made it through and thank god for every moment. 

    Yes research and development are in process  everyday for this testicular  cancer. So far TC is the most curable form of cancer.

    Scientists are conducting surveys and tests on old age  people and chance of surviving Testicular cancer is high in age of 60 to 80 by maintaining good appetite  and walking. Each month thousands of volunteers not just in usa but also in Canada participate  for cancer research funding in health organizations and hospitals. Those volunteers include survivors as well. My suggestion is you should participate in your community by volunteering.  You will get new friends , knowledge and a lot of information useful.

    So try it and hope for the best. Good luck.




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    testostorone shots

    My son was a mess when he was going through his.  cried, anger, depression.  Docs started giving him little bits of replacement T and it helped.  Hard to balance it.  IF too much he was just a pain in the rear to be around.  If not enough, he said and cried.  It can be a big emotional rollar coaster to adjust to.   He joined a mens cancer group to just discuss it and that helped.  He also got busy healing.  WAlking aound the block for a month, then 2 blocks.  then he jogged them.  He also went to PT to build himself back up.   HE is 15 yrs. cancer free and doing wonderful.    I call him my miracle and thank the docs at IU Medical Center in Indianapolis, IN for saving his life.