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Hi. Would like to hear from women who have  had breast removed but did not have any treatment of reconstruction. Let's get a conversation going.


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    DCIS-I had lumpecomty and

    DCIS-I had lumpecomty and radation-I am sure others will be helpful to your inquiry.



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    I had DCIS and had a double mastectomy.  I did choose to have reconstruction.

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    I had ILC in both had

    I had ILC in both had bilateral and both reconstruction.  If you do it does look more even, or should.  May need tweaking.  Plus as you age they both stay 'pert' that's if you care about that kind of thing, some do some don't.  On the other hand I do wonder if you can see what may or may not be going on in the future without recon easier as flat.  It's what suits you personally.