New to board - Staying at Hope House while getting radiation

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Hi there - 

I am new to this board but have reading for a while. I was diagnosed on Oct 23rd 2015 with Breast Cancer - Invasive Ductal Carcinoma stage 2 Estrogen Positive.  I have completed three surgeries in fours weeks including a reconstruction and reduction. After four weeks to recover and admire my new perky breasts I am doing 30 radiaiton treatments away from home. I have completed two of them and must say that I am so happy the first treatment is over. I have been putting cream on my slightly burned breasts - no blisters. 

Question - I am concerned about my radiation effecting my neck - thryoid. Any thoughts?

Thanks and Hugs! 



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    Hello, Ruth

        Congratulations on coming through your treatments so far.  Like you, my Dx was IDC, grade 3, but I had to have chemo first to shrink.  I have not had radiation yet, but I know you will get some good advice here.

         Welcome to you, and I look forward to you sharing your own experiences!


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    Hi Ruth.

    I saw you are staying at the Hope House.  We just opened a new one here in Utah that is really nice.  A few in my in person support group come when they are staying ther.

    About the only one to answer that would be your radiologist oncologist.  They know eactly by their measurements what is being exposed as should the team has who did the measurements.  

    I wish you the best and welcome.  This group of women and a few men over the years have become friends and some of us have even been able to meet up in person.