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Two days ago it would be day 12 after first treatment.  Driving home my head was hurting and began to rub it.  That is when the first several strands were noticed in hands.  The next day, more and more in shower, sink, etc. not much on pillow.  My husband and a few others finally convinced me to just cut excessively short, GI Jane style.  Part of me regrets because I now wonder if all of it would have fallen out.  Head still hurting.  As I rub my head, I see small hair falling in sink but not large amount.   I am keeping it bottled inside on how I wish I had just waited till it actually fell all out, and at the same time I feel that it is going to fall out according to my doctor.  Just so unsure.


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    jacjac2, I remember that

    jacjac2, I remember that "hurt" as well.  It felt as though it was being pulled on and I would press on my head to try and ease that uncomfortable feeling.  I know some people are 'shave it off' right away, but I hung on to mine as I hoped it really wouldn't fall out, but it still did.  Hugs.  I do understand.

  • Shaving mine wasn't such a good idea.

    I had mine cut short, then when it supposed to be falling out, I got it shaved.  Might have been a bad idea, because I did end up with a head/scalp infection, however, I got that same infection last time also so I don't know.  I do know I lost all of the short stuff.  I think you did it right, the bald head gives us a new badge of courage.  Wear a smile.  Hugs Nancy

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    unknown said:

    Shaving mine wasn't such a good idea.

    I had mine cut short, then when it supposed to be falling out, I got it shaved.  Might have been a bad idea, because I did end up with a head/scalp infection, however, I got that same infection last time also so I don't know.  I do know I lost all of the short stuff.  I think you did it right, the bald head gives us a new badge of courage.  Wear a smile.  Hugs Nancy

    Jacjac2 - It will fall out

    Jacjac2 - It will fall out regardless!  When you get your shiney head, you will have your answer that you did the right thing. :-)

    My head had a pins and needles feel every time I put my head against the pillow. It was actually a relief to have the follicles die and stop "hurting".

    I still don't like the baldness, but not having eyelashes and brows bothered me more. I did learn how to draw on eyebrows and use eye liner about half way through the process. It helped me feel like I looked more normal. Did not want to look sick.

    Nancy - my head broke out and I got an infection too. Not sure if it was from the razor or just a result of the chemo. I tend to think the later because I also got the same kind of breakout on my face.

    I'm happy to say that my hair is coming back and so are my brows and lashes. Just take it one step at a time! We will get back to normal - sometimes it seems like forever but it will be a memory sooner than later!

    Love and Hugs,


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    I did the same.  We cut it short first and then when it stated to fall out, my husband buzzed it down and finally evened it out with his electric razor.  My head hurt and prickled for quite awhile, felt like it was laying in a cactus bed,  It does fall out. And the little pieces that are left are a lot better than having to pick up big pieces of long hair from pillow cases and bath tubs.  You did right, but it is still so hard.  For me, Even though I had already had surgery, the los of my hair was what really made me realize what I was up against and what I was fighting,  It made it real for me.. Hugs and prayers to you.  Lou Ann

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    I actually had a few pieces

    I actually had a few pieces of hair that didn't fall out.  I had long, long hair and when it started falling out, it was a mess.  I put it in braids, went to my hair dresser and had her cut the braids off intact (why, I don't know...just crazy, I guess).  Then she cut it all about an inch long - I kind of looked like Keith Richards because it struck straight up.  My head didn't hurt at all as most of the hair fell out and I never got any kind of infection.  Being bald was kind of cool since I'd never seen my scalp before.  I had been fitted for a wig about the same length and color as my real hair.  People started asking me what I had done to my hair - it looked soooo good - LOL!  

    Now my hair has started to grow back but predominently on my left side of my head.  I only lost my left eyebrow about seven weeks after I was done with chemo and most of my left eyelashes.  The right ones are fine - go figure, huh??  Thank heavens that eyebrow and eyelashes are starting to grow back because that's really hard to fix - especially the eyelashes.

    I hope this isn't too tramatic for you.  Hair means so much more to women than it does to men.



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    I didn't think losing my hair would be tramatic and when it started coming out I combed my fingers through my hair and helped it out. I looked like a plucked chicken and the patches of hair and baldness made me look unhealthy.  So I had my husband clean it up with clippers, about a one inch buzz cut. I have kept most of that hair, I'm not shiny bald. I have lost patches of eyebrow and eyelash hair, but nay all. I fill in my brows and wear eyeliner when I go out - it gives me a boost of confidence.  I bought a full wig but rarely wear it, instead I bought a 'halo' wig I wear with a hat. (Halo wig wo a hat looks like Fryer Tuck!). I guess what I'm trying  to say is, your emotions are normal and there are work arounds.  Hang in there! 

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    I wore my hair short, so when it started to fall out, I did shave it down to about 1/4", thinking it wouldn't be that traumatic.  When I first looked at myself with that short cut, it still was quite a shock.  It was also one of those, "I can't deny it, I have cancer" moments. As it turns out, it didn't all fall out, but it did get very, very thin and quite honestly, I think it would have looked far worse if I had left it.  I did get a full wig which I have worn quite a bit.  Also lots of scarves in various configurations.  Take comfort in the fact that it will grow back and this is just temporary.  In the meantime, try to have fun with the various options out there.  You may discover a whole new look.  In my case, I ended up actually wearing a lot of scarves that I almost never wore before.


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    No hair, no problem

    Maybe I am odd, but I really didn't mind losing my hair. When my scalp became sore and my hair was falling out in earnest, my hairdresser used an electric razor set at about a quarter inch. Within a week all the stubble was gone and I was left with a shiny bald head. Friends that saw me commented that I had a nice shaped head, and I never did have any rashes. I did get a free blond wig from the American Cancer society which I wore when I wanted to be less conspicuous (despite the fact I have always had brown hair). I also wore turbans made from men's tee shirts and sleeping caps made from the short sleeves due to my cold head.

    Anyway, my days of no hair came and went, and the only lasting effect is that I am now gray as I decided to no longer color my hair. I 'm afraid I look older, but then I am older and considering the alternative, am glad I am! ;-)

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    Jacjac 2

    My hair fell out over a period of 2 or 3 days.  It started falling out in the shower, then I lost a bunch on my pillow.  It made a huge mess everywhere.  I wish I'd shaven it as the mess would have been easier to clean up all in one place. The reason I didn't was that I'd hoped to still have some left, but I didn't have any.  I recall working with a girl who developed Hodgkin's Lymphoma about 25 years ago.  She didn't lose all her hair.  She still had clumps.  She went to a work Christmas party that way, and a guy told her he liked her funky hairdo.  Open mouth, insert foot!!!

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    i haven't started to lose mine yet but it's early. I've already been wig shopping and have a few ordered as my hair is med long and they really didn't have any in stock for me to try. I don't have to keep them if I don't like them. This is at a spa and they will shave my hair then if I want. My friend will go with me. I was with her when she had hers shaved. I do think it will be traumatic but having the support will be helpful. I remember my friend saying her head hurt and it was better to have it saved off. My appointment is at about the 2 week point, so hopefully will be the right time.