Second opinion's matter with Doctors and even Meds...

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Going to combine two different things. Goint to the best place for treatment does really matter. Where I live the doctors and Hospital is conciddered having a very good Oncology department, just top notch. First that could not be any farther from the truth. Now I do like our hospital and have been there for many things, just not anything this major. First off I was told I did not have cancer. That was about 9 months before I had surgery to remove, cancer. Yep he was wrong. Just the other day I was checking on the hospital and in cancer the surviver rate was 1/10. Now it might be just me but that is not good. Where I went the survivor rate was 9/10. Now that is a good rating. So to those new members, please check out where you are going.

Ok now the second thing is check the different drug stors and walmart as well. The over the counter vitamins and other items you need can really surprise you. I have to take vitamins D 5000ui a day. I went to CVS and checked there price. The quanity is 90 and the Brand was Nature Made. CVS was $21.49; WalMart was for the same brand and quanity...$7.94. That is a differance of 2.7 times higher at CVS, and I will be asking them why. I have found many Items are much less at WalMart than CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid. So please when you are in the store check what the price is. Some items are better at Walgreens and some at CVS at times, are less than WalMart, so keep thaat in mind when you need Items. For me as a Neck breather and COPD I have different needs. Vitamins, rubbing alcohol 90% not the 50%, hydrogen peroxide, and lots and lots of Kleenex. Buy stock in it. I hope this might help some of the newer members, and older one's too.



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    Good post.
    I use compounding

    Good post.

    I use compounding pharmacy for some prescriptions because I'm allergic to dyes and certain fillers in Meds. Found out equate Mucinex was safer because white, and less fillers than name brand.