Janderson scan results.

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It was a mixed bag that Misun and I are both pleased about. One spot shrunk. 2 other spots don't show up on the scan. The other tiny spots on my lungs and splean are all stable. There is however another fast growing spot on my chest wall just past the margains from my last survey that we have to deal. We are going to use external beam radiation this then resume cheme. Still no good resolution to the swelling or edema.


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    Hang tough Jeff, I wish I had

    Hang tough Jeff, I wish I had something more to give you, I wish I could help some how, all I can do is send my hope and concern, that the breaks swing your way, because no one deserves it more..........................Dave


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    The good, the bad and the ugly

    You've got it all going, Jeff. 

    I wish it were all good, but the ball is not rolling in that direction. 

    I am happy for the good news though, and pray that your medical team can get a handle on your edema and jump on that fast growing chest wall tumour. 

    You're our hero. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Ok Jeff, sounds like you are

    Ok Jeff, sounds like you are taking this well as mostly positive.  You have the best attitude.  I know you get down about things but you always come back fighting.  Prayers and best thoughts to you always.

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    Hang in there!
    You are

    Hang in there!

    You are staying one step ahead of this cancer.  It is trying to bring you down, but you are a fighter!!

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    what a mixed bag

    Jeff - Sounds like chemo is helping some mets and not others. I hope that the radiation will help the nasty one and make it shrink to nothing.  Wish you had relief from the swelling and edema.  Keep on fighting, you've well over time.  I hope this does the trick for you.  Traci