groin xray questions

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2 cancer tumors removed from my colon retacal area and then they shoved my but throught my stomic 12 rounds of chemo 3 times but i still get cancer nodes in my right groin surgy 3 times to remove 2 tumors each time in the right groin this time doc wants to try radatanion to kill every thing in groin area becuse there non mutating tumors and i always get 2 in the right side every year being stage 4 i just go with the flow 3 years scince they told me i had cancer an thoughts on the xrays to groin yes im married so if it dont work afther wards its ok im maried i dont use it any way :()


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    On and on we go

    Sorry to hear your news,  Harleywiz.

    Its an upward battle that we can't let go of. 

    If you go with the radiation, good luck. I bet it won't be fun, but you know that. For sure, the side effects form radiation to the colon beat that whole area up for me and nothing works anymore, so I'm sure aiming it at the groin is going to knock a few things out of whack. 

    Good luck! 

    Sue - Trubrit