Hello ladies, thank you so much for thinking about me.  The surgery went well, unfortunately he developed a clot in the right arm his working arm. Had to be intubated again and surgery on the arm to remove the clot.  The arm was swollen and pained like crazy, still paining even though majority of the swelling is down.  

All vitals good and consistent, so they kicked us out of the hospital and sent us to a rehab center.  

He is extremely weak from lying for 17 days, can't walk as yet, in therapy, but process is slow.  

We are In New Jersey and live in Florida so I am very anxious to get home.  I don't know what the procedure is with getting help when we get home.

Right now I can thank God for the blessings that my husband is alive and alert. I am sure that the recovery is not fast and easy.  Love to all the sisters.


  • TeddyandBears_Mom
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    Glad he is making progress.

    Glad he is making progress. Wow! Stuck in New Jersey in the Winter. Ouch... Especially with Florida blood!

    I'm glad you let us know how you both are doing. Perhaps the doctors up there can give you a referral for help once you get home?

    Love and Hugs,


  • Abbycat2
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    You have both been through the mill, nempack,


    and I hope his recovery will be smooth and as quick as possible. Seventeen days of no activities does take it's toll on a person. I am wishing the very best for both of you.




  • EZLiving66
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    There's no place like home

    There's no place like home when you're sick or trying to recover.  I hope your trip back to Florida is uneventful and your husband recovers!



  • Editgrl
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    Good to hear there is some

    Good to hear there is some progress, slow though it may be.  Thinking of both of you and hope you can make it back home soon.


  • Lou Ann M
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    Sometimes even a little progress is good

    Glad to hear he is making a little progress.  Hopefully you will be able to head home soon to continues healing.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann