New to colostomy and embarassing gas


I recently had to have APR surgery with permanent colostomy and I was wondering if anyone has any advice about how to deal with gas in social situations. I have always been a very prideful person and this is the hardest part of the whole ordeal for me. Any suggestions?


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    Ostomy quirks

    Ostomy quirks

    The best advice I can offer, is for you to spend some time at the United Ostomy Association forum. It's a great source of information, and the guys there are just like here!

    Check it out:

    You'll get over the initial shock in time. You might want to ask about "irrigation" as well. Many Colostomates use that practice to eliminate having to empty the appliance as often.

    Good luck!



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    I wonder if it will slow down

    I wonder if it will slow down over time. I have an illeostomy and for the first six months or more it smelled really bad when I emptied it, I mean horrifically bad, just unbelievable. Over time it got less and less until now there's very little smell at all. Sometimes there's a bit more so than others depending on what I eat. Maybe my body got used to it somehow? Anyway, I wonder if your body will adapt in some way and it won't be so bad.

    As far as noise, I get the odd gurgle occasionally but it sounds like my tummy growling. This happens maybe once a week. There have been a few occasions where the noise kept me up at night but in the two years I've had it that's happened maybe a few times.

    I don't know if any of this helps. I hope it gets better for you.


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    Dear Friend,Ifc

    The good news that it will get better with time. i am a dentist with my ostomy right next to my patients ears. I have had some embarrassing moment, but lately almost none. If it happens I say nothing or "sorry I have an upset stomach.

    Unfortunatelly the healthier and tastier foods cause more gas: vegetables, beans, spices.

    I have had colostomy and I just tell you what I did: 

    Reduced raw vegetables, spicy foods and carbonated drink and only have them on my days off.

    I wear my pouch sideways so it takes longer to fill up with gas and can easier empty it without opening up my pants. The best pouch I found with the best filter is from Coloplast Mio one piece drainable.

    Average once a week I take 6 table spoons of Milk of Magnesia with orange juice and plenty of water. I stay home, nothing happens for 4 hours then I have 1 hour diarrhea then no outtput or minimal gas for 4 days of heaven. 

    If you choose to do any of these options please check with your doctors.

    All the best,



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    Thank you!

    Thanks so much for the great suggestions. I'm sure I will learn to deal with this with the help of people like you. It's encouraging to know that it may get better with time. I am very thankful that there are products and supplies that control the odor. Now just to control those darn noises! Thanks again for your help.

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    You have to learn what gives

    You have to learn what gives you gas and diarhhea and only eat those foods when you know you will be home. I can no longer have dairy or citrus due yo cramping. I had to work my way up with vegetables and fruits. My doctor told me to eat bread until I got where I needed. I started with 6 grapes, worked up to 10. 3 years later I can eat 20 to 30, no gas. Watermelon was harder, at first even one piece ran through me but I'd try again every 3 months. Now as long as I eat some bread first, I can eat two or three slices, no runs, no gas. My gas is silen . That's not to say there aren't embarrassing moments. There isn't much to do about them but let life move on. Also I've learned to pay attention. To the feeling and put my hand there sometimes. In front of family I just say oops excuse me no control. I Dont let them make comments about it or laugh. I shut that down immediately and said this is hard enough. Now they're all used to it. If you let it become a joke it will stay a joke forever.