DVT and DIEP reconstruction

Hello. I am 46 years old and has been undergoing treatment of cancer on my right beast. I had chemo, unilateral mastectomy, and recently completed radiation. I'm still healing from radiation wounds but eventually, the next step is a decision on reconstruction. I had DVT 15 years ago after a surgery. A couple of Caesarian section operations afterwards did not result to DVT, but it happened again after my recent mastectomy. On the matter of reconstruction, I am leaning towards the DIEP flap. I had an abdominal CT so my plastic surgeon could check my blood vessels and determined that the DIEP flap can be done. But I can't help but worry as I understand that it's a riskier procedure involving microsurgery. Has anybody had a comparable situation? Please advise. Thanks.


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    DIEP procedure

    I personally have not had this procedure but I researched it a lot before I had my treatment plan in place.  As it turned out, I did not need a mastectomy but had my second lumpectomy finished up by a plastic surgeon who DOES do DIEPs.  First, I will say that, yes, it is a complex and precise procedure that needs to be done by a surgeon who has done many successful ones.  It involves micro surgery so it takes a lot of skill and experience.  I think you will find the best DIEP surgeons at PRMA in San Antonio but other cancer centers have good ones too.  I went to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, Illinois when I thought I needed DIEP where I was treated by Dr. Daniel Liu.

    Please check out DiepCJourney on Facebook.  Terri has amazing resources for you to look at.  She had a DIEP after her mastectomies when her cancer recurred.  Her Facebook page, DiepCJourney will answer a lot of your questions from a knowledgeable and personal point of view.  Stay away from any YouTube videos; I did not find them to be helpful at all.

    I am a member of a couple of closed breast cancer Facebook groups.  It seems the reconstruction of choice in England is DIEP.  In America it is implants. Please continue to look into DIEP for yourself; those I've talked with who have had it done love their results.