Sleep Problems and Kidney Cancer/CKD

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I've been having sleep problems for years. I have sleep apnea and have been using a CPAP for many years.

The past week I've been having a terrible time with my sleep. Allergies or a cold/sinus infection always makes it difficult for me with my apnea. Anything that blocks my nose makes it hard for the CPAP to work.

A friend suggested I try melatonin to help me sleep. So I googled "melatonin kidney disease" (mainly to find out if it's ok for me to take melatonin) and a bunch of articles pop up talking about how chronic kidney disease is coorelated with decreased melatonin production during the circadian sleep rhythm at night. I saw a chart that documented how melatonin production is affected by different levels of CKD. Patients on dialysis are the worst. Stage 3 CKD (me and many of us on this board with 1 kidney) was just a little above that. I was really surprised. The articles said that it was well documented that patients with kidney disease suffer more sleep problems than the general population.

Has anyone else heard about this issue? None of my doctors have mentioned anything about reduced kidney function affecting my sleep. I know I've been more tired since my nephrectomy. I had attributed it to depression and anxiety or age, etc. Of course it might be some of those things too.

Something to consider. If you're more tired and having more sleep problems since your nephrectomy, it might be part of the package. In addition to drinking more water, I may have to make a more concsious effort to get a nap or some extra sleep when I can.



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    My Dr. Gives me 40 mg melatonin to take at night and to help with my immune system. I would ask about it. Regina

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    Melatonin - FYI Only

    Just a word of caution about melatonin.

    My husband was having problems sleeping, so I suggested that he try melatonin, to see if it helped him. He has sleep apnea and uses a CPAC each night, as do I. Anyway, about a month or so after he started taking the sleep aid, he was having blood work done, since he suffers with Crohn's disease. His gastro called and said he needed to take another blood test, since he had elevated levels of magnesium. Well, the melatonin was the cause. I post this just in case you have any problems that the extra magnesium my interfer with. He stopped the melatonin and his levels returned to normal.